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JAC Clean is providing state-of-the-art professional disinfecting services to combat the coronavirus and help you create a safer environment for your clients and staff. We are using non-toxic, hospital-grade chemicals paired with innovative electrostatic tools. We are also following the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations provided by the CDC if confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases are present.

  • Victory Equipment. Specifically, we are using Victory Sprayers with their innovative, industry-leading, patented technology that provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath. Simply put, electrostatic spray wraps itself around hard-to-reach areas and objects such as the underside of built-in handles on filing cabinets and the backs of door knobs. Once the spray hits one area it moves on to the next, so there’s no build-up of product, and the surface is dry in 5 to 10 minutes. This system enables the disinfectant to get into miniscule and otherwise inaccessible small and remote areas.


  • Additional service, safe & effective. The electrostatic system does not replace regular cleaning processes but rather serves as an adjunct service to ramp up disinfection efforts. After routine cleanings, we can use the electrostatic sprayers with hypochlorous acid or another comparable disinfectant on the entire premises, including restrooms, breakrooms, kitchen areas, cubicles and offices. We can safely use our disinfecting spray system on walls, doors, products, sinks, computer monitors, coffee makers, massage tables, pedithrones, nail stations, and even papers on the desk.


  • Essential Services. These commercial disinfection services are being used in many businesses, and we expect the list to grow including: hospitals, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics, medical offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, retail, restaurants and bars, gyms, and other businesses. To avoid the spread of coronavirus, colds and flus, viruses, fungus, and bacteria all year long, it’s essential to implement recurring commercial disinfecting services. It’s now more important than ever to incorporate disinfecting into your business’ regular cleaning routine.


  • Disinfectant. JAC Clean only uses disinfectants with our electrostatic sprayer dispersal system that are listed on the EPA's recommended List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the novel COVID-19 disease also known as the coronavirus.  Currently we are using a product called Danolyte, a one-step disinfectant cleaner designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard porous and non-porous environmental surfaces and originally used in health-care facilities. Danolyte disinfectant is a powerful antimicrobial fluid for use across a broad spectrum of applications, yet gentle enough for use on baby toys. Danolyte disinfectant is listed on the EPA’s List N, has been shown effective over many years of use, and is effective over a broad range of viruses and bacteria such as SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, HIV, Listeria, Influenza A, Hepatitis C and Salmonella among many others. Even more exciting, Danolyte is a nationally renowned product made locally in Lenexa.


  • Signage. Make sure your customers and employees know that you are taking extra precautions for their safety. We recommend that you display signs showing when you have disinfected your offices. If you would like, we are happy to provide these signs for you to display.


JAC Clean is proud to be your partner to help keep your office clean and productive, and your clients and employees feeling safer and more comfortable during this unprecedented time. Please feel free to ask us any questions about our Disinfecting Services Program. We want to be your professional resource for commercial disinfection services.


Disinfecting Services FAQ:


Until recently, few businesses, with the exception of Food and Healthcare related facilities, thought much about disinfecting services for their store, office, restaurant, warehouse, or even government facility. We are now living in a new world defined by coronavirus/COVID-19. As JAC Clean has been in the business of commercial cleaning services for over 11 years, we are hoping to answer some of your most important questions here:


What are Disinfecting Services?

Disinfecting services are cleaning procedures that utilize a disinfectant. According to the EPA, a disinfectant is an antimicrobial pesticide used on inanimate surfaces and objects to destroy or irreversibly inactivate microorganisms. Disinfectants are distinguished into two categories, hospital type and general use (household). Disinfecting services for commercial facilities should use hospital type disinfectants that are used for infection control, as we are doing now.


Does a Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Exposure in a Workplace Require HAZMAT Cleaning?

According to the CDC and OSHA, HAZMAT cleaning protocols are not needed for facilities exposed to coronavirus. Most professional disinfection services utilizing EPA-N List chemicals meet the guidelines outlined by these organizations, including coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services provided by JAC Clean. In light of the coronavirus crisis, it is important to get your office space disinfected immediately if you have a suspected/confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 exposure. This means you know, or suspect, an employee or client came into your business while infected with the virus. We want to help you remain open and productive for the benefit of not only your business, and your employees, but for the general public as well.

Why Should Soiled Areas Be Cleaned Prior to Disinfecting?

Cleaning soiled surfaces prior to disinfecting allows the disinfectant to work more effectively. Dust, dirt or oils create a barrier between the surface and the disinfectant which prohibits the disinfectant from destroying or inactivating the microorganisms on the surface face. 


What is the Difference between Disinfecting Services vs. Sanitizing Services?

Disinfecting services use a disinfectant which is any chemical that destroys or irreversibly inactivates microorganisms on surfaces. Sanitation services tend to use less potent chemicals, sanitizers, which reduce but not always eliminate microorganisms from materials. Hospital-grade disinfectants and disinfection services are best used for infection control, like coronavirus COVID-19,  where sanitizers and sanitizing services are best used in relation to food, carpet, or clothing (EPA). 


How Much Do Commercial Disinfecting Services Cost?

Disinfecting services price ranges vary based on location and size. They can also depend on the type of facility and the potential risk involved. Disinfecting services pricing is usually calculated based on square footage. Most companies calculate disinfecting pricing based on square footage typically ranging between $.15 - $.25 per square foot. Some companies can charge up to $2.50 per square foot. JAC Clean has formed close partnerships with our clients and is therefore offering disinfecting services at reasonable, minimal costs to our existing clients, and we will work closely with potential clients to develop an affordable plan. We want to help our community feel as safe as possible. Please let us know if would like specific pricing information.


How Frequently should Disinfecting Services be implemented?

To best combat coronavirus, other viruses and bacteria, it is recommended to disinfect commercial areas with electrostatic sprayers once per week. JAC Clean can provide these services to your business. We can work with you in creating a customized plan. We can provide one-time disinfecting services or ongoing routine services. Recurring disinfecting services are shown to be most effective in battling the coronavirus.

What Should Businesses Do to Prepare to Re-Open After Quarantine or a Known Case?

As businesses prepare to reopen after the coronavirus outbreak, it would be advisable to get a disinfection service conducted at your office space prior to doors-open and your employees return. Similarly, should your business have a known case or scare, most municipalities require that the space is professionally disinfected prior to re-opening. There is still not enough data to know how long the coronavirus COVID-19 lives on surfaces, it ranges from hours to days on different materials according to the CDC, and you want to help assure the health and safety of your customers and employees upon their return.


It is important to note that disinfecting services are viable until a surface comes into contact with human touch or fluids. You may also want to consider adding, or increasing the frequency of your custodial services. Customers and employees are going to be very conscious (and thankful) of your efforts in this regard after experiencing such a dramatic period. It also helps us all reduce the opportunities for the coronavirus' resurgent return if we all have better health and cleanliness habits. 


How Do I Verify if the Right Disinfectants Are Being Used to Combat Coronavirus COVID-19?

The EPA has released List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. This is a list of primary EPA chemical registrations that have been deemed effective against “Emerging Pathogens”, or those viruses more hard-to-kill or similar to coronavirus COVID-19. More information can be found on the EPA’s FAQ Page. JAC Clean is currently using hypochlorous acid, a chemical on the EPA List N in our professional disinfection services. We will only use products that are listed on the EPA List N. We at JAC Clean want to give you, your clients and employees peace of mind, knowing that you’ve gone above and beyond routine cleanings using innovative technology that has data to back up its claims.


Resources for Disinfecting Services & COVID-19:

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