Custodial Cleaning


We focus on custodial cleaning. Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, Dusting, Wiping...Bathrooms, Kitchenettes, Lobbies, Desks, Sideboards, Doors, Windows, name it! We do deep cleaning and ongoing regular cleaning. We have also added increased measures due to the surge in COVID-19 cases (click here to learn more), as well as added services using Electrostatic Disinfecting technology (click here to learn more). We can customize a plan to fit your needs and budget.

Pre & Post-Event Cleaning


Getting ready for a big event? Or needing some extra help cleaning up after a big office party? JAC Clean can help with your Event Planning needs by cleaning up before and after your big and small events. Let us help your space look its best!

Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care


We provide deep cleaning and spot cleaning carpet cleaning services. We also can provide tile & grout cleaning care. We do specialized floor care, from sweeping & mopping to mopping & buffing. We also do strip & wax jobs to prolong the life of your floors and keep your floors in the best shape possible.

Deep Cleaning

We provide thorough, deep cleaning services. With deep cleaning services, we can provide specialty cleaning, cleaning all of the glass windows, hard to access areas, grout cleaning, and more. Oftentimes, our clients request and we also recommend that the first cleaning is a deep cleaning. 

Move In/Out Cleaning


JAC Clean can help you clean your space prior to moving in, as well as cleaning up your space before you move out of a location. Our move/out services are beneficial when it comes time to showing your commercial property to lease or sell.

Special Requests

Want us to use only green products? JAC Clean will use the products you want us to use to clean your space. We also can clean out refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances based on your needs. We want to make our clients' work easier, so if you have a special cleaning request, just ask!

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